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We wish to take care of people’s health and well-being, drawing on the healing benefits of natural amber in the very heart of its deposits.

At AMBER HAMMAM, we have combined the unique healing properties of Baltic amber with the extraordinary oriental method of cleansing the body, creating a marvelous natural ritual with a special restorative and calming effect.

  • In Gdańsk - the World Capital of Amber - we have created a unique place for you. Here you will taste an extraordinary ritual in which the traditional oriental body cleansing treatment is combined with the healing care of natural amber.

  • At our Amber Hammam, we will relax and cleanse your body and mind in full harmony with nature. You will regain your inner balance and vitality, strengthen your immunity, as well as allow your skin to become beautiful and silky to the touch.

    You will feel light and calm, and the astounding health-promoting properties of amber combined with the power of the hammam ritual will bolster your health.

  • Come to us for a full session, purely a massage or just for a sauna. You will recharge your internal batteries in soothing warmth, listening to calming music and with a glass of delicious tea. Take your friends for an evening together or do something just for yourself...

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