Hammam is a relaxing and regenerating care ritual that improves physical condition, strengthens the immune system, and also improves the mood. It naturally reduces the level of everyday stress and allows you to regain mental balance. It takes place in a beautiful interior and in a unique oriental atmosphere, which gives it a unique charm.

In the Middle East, the traditional hammam has been performed since ancient times. Thanks to its numerous health benefits, this ritual entered the Western world with all its benefits. Thanks to medical and scientific research, we are now fully aware of the beneficial effects of hammam.


Each hammam ritual begins with a short stay in the steam bath, where for several minutes your skin heats up and becomes soft in the vapors of essential oils. You relax and take off the first tensions of the day.

After a cool shower, we take you to the Hammam Room. In the middle of the hammam there is a heated stone bed, on which your whole body will relax and develop the right temperature. On the same bed, the hammam masseur performs the next stages of the ceremony.


    This unique ritual is a combination of traditional Turkish hammam and amber therapy. So first, we will cleanse your body by performing a special peeling with amber dust and a Kessa glove. The next stage is an incredibly relaxing massage in a bubble of soap foam. The feeling of extraordinary relaxation is added by pouring water from a special bowl onto the body. After drying the body, we will perform a relaxing massage with a wonderful amber oil and treat you to a healing amber tincture. Everything takes place amid fragrant amber incense and the calming sounds of nature.



    In the first part of the hammam ritual, with the help of special, cloth Kessa gloves, dead skin is removed from the entire body (literally from every nook and cranny). You can also perform facial cleansing and hair washing.

    After wiping off the top layer of the epidermis, we cover you with a soft soap foam quilt and perform a gentle massage that thoroughly cleans your body. This is an extremely pleasant stage of the ritual. Then we wash your body with warm water, and after drying, we massage with natural oils such as sweet almond oil, macadamia or argan oil. After leaving the hammam, you lie down in the Relaxation Room, where we will give you water and a glass of tea. You rest for a long time in the company of quiet music. Everyone who has tried this fabulous ritual comes out as light as a cloud, healthier and relaxed.



    At the beginning, we will put a special black soap on your body, which has both cleansing and healing effects on the skin. Then, with the help of the Kessa glove, we will perform a thorough body scrub and thoroughly clean it, pouring warm water over you.

    After cleaning it, we will apply a layer of Rhassoul clay on your body and let you indulge in its miraculous properties for a while. Then we will clean your skin and invite you to the Relaxation Room for a glass of delicious tea.

Hammam treatments are suitable for both young and old people, and staying in a steam bath has scientifically and empirically proven properties to improve health and beauty.
    • Improves skin tone, skin firmness and elasticity, prevents hair loss;

    • Reduces cellulite;

    • It helps in losing weight by increasing the metabolic rate;

    • Increases collagen production (the heat of hammam reduces the symptoms of contraction of connective tissue and increases its elasticity);

    • 83 / 5000 Translation results The inhalation of aromatic natural oils and soaps has a relaxing effect on the body;

    • It keeps the skin fresh and shiny. The heat stimulates blood flow and cleanses the skin, opening the pores and removing dead skin, making our skin smooth and nourished;

    • It is beneficial for people who suffer from sleep disorders and dry skin, as well as those who are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature;

    • It soothes neurological pain, reduces swelling and joint pain;

    • Eliminates toxins and dead cells through sweating;

    • Supports the body in the fight against allergies;

  • When is it not recommended to use a hammam?

    Generally, there aren’t many contraindications. However, heat plays an important role in the ritual. Therefore, we do not recommend using the hammam if:

    • you have serious heart conditions
    • you have too low or too high blood pressure
    • you are right after a meal (preferably wait 2-3 hours)
    • you are just after depilation (the skin may become irritated and …. pinch a little)

    But don’t worry, we also have some great therapeutic massages. Choose one for you here.


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