Regular care and cleansing are essential to keep the skin beautiful and healthy.
Our Cleansing Treatments are an unparalleled way to care for your skin, during which your body will be thoroughly cleansed and nourished.

Spend an hour for your body and spirit!


The key element of our cleansing treatments is an intensive peeling with the use of the KESSA glove. The thorough removal of dead skin cells improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin and supports the absorption of skin care products. After peeling, the skin becomes incredibly soft and delicate, which further facilitates its nourishment.

Our Cleansing Treatments are performed on special hot tables, which add comfort to the treatments and stimulate the body to regenerate.

  • QUICK FIX Treatment

    Turkish Hammam in a nutshell

    A quick detox in the steam bath, then cleansing with a Kessa mitt on a hot table and a thorough body oiling at the end. Of course, the treatment is topped off with delicious Turkish tea!

    Quick regeneration for those of you who will find only an hour for body and spirit in the course of everyday life

    Price: 290/550 PLN  – 70 min

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    Moroccan Hammam in a nutshell

    This wonderful cleansing treatment takes place in the Hammam room on a hot table. We focus on cleansing and revitalizing the skin and improving blood circulation. The treatment consists of a deep peeling with the use of a special Kessa glove with warm water poured over the body.

    Then we put the wonderful Rhassoul clay on your body, wrap you in a towel and let you relax for about 15 minutes. After washing, we moisturize your body with argan oil to keep it soft and smooth for a long time.

    Finally, we will invite you for a delicious tea to complete your sense of relaxation.

    Fast – enjoyable – healthy!

    Price: 270/510 PLN – 80 min

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    Express action before sunbathing and regeneration after!

    Kessa & Oil is an intense Turkish-style peeling, done with a special Kessa glove, on a hot table with warm water pouring over you… The effects are amazing! The skin is extremely cleansed and smoothed, and a massage with such a glove stimulates circulation and strengthens immunity. Finally, we oil your body with natural argan oil.

    Quick regeneration for those of you who, in the course of everyday life, will only find an hour for proper skin care 🙂

    Price: 250 PLN – 50 min

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    Instant Regeneration for the skin

    Incredibly cleansing and nourishing treatment using amber peeling and butter with amber extract and vitamin E.

    After the treatment, the skin becomes smooth and soft, and lying on a hot table blissfully relaxes the muscles and relieves stress 🙂

    AMBER FIX is an excellent proposition for people who do not have time for a long ritual, but want to give themselves a bit of beauty and health! “Must have” before sunbathing!

    Price: 280/540 PLN – 60 min

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