KOBIDO is NOT an ordinary face massage. It is a unique form of the art of massage, a ritual subject to strictly defined rules.

KOBIDO massage is a combination of traditional Japanese medical concepts and various hand manipulation techniques. Masters claim that KOBIDO massage increases the flow of Chi (life energy) in the face, which leads to a kind of lifting of its structures.

In the “AMBER KOBIDO!” version, after an intense massage we will apply an amber face mask onto your face, which will additionally hydrate and firm your skin. And in the meantime, we will perform a reflexology massage of your hands and arms…

  • Why is KOBIDO a great option for you?

    KOBIDO combines deep relaxation with tension therapy and a spectacular face lifting effect. This type of massage is also ideal if you suffer from migraines or tension headaches and neck pain.

    It is also a remedy for people who spend many hours in front of the computer, because the KOBIDO massage perfectly relaxes the muscles around the eyes.

    What is particularly important, KOBIDO has a therapeutic effect for patients who suffer from bruxism (teeth clenching and grinding), as it reduces tension in the maxillofacial area. Such therapy can protect them from the consequences of disorders in this area, such as crumbling teeth or “shooting” in the jaw.

  • The effects of KOBIDO massage are visible immediately!

    KOBIDO massage is known as “non-surgical face lifting”. No wonder, because thanks to KOBIDO techniques you can naturally:

    • eliminate muscle tension that causes mimic wrinkles
    • prevent or reduce the effects of skin aging
    • regain a young face through deep work on muscle structures
    • stimulate cell metabolism, which will contribute to faster skin regeneration
    • cleanse the skin of toxins and impurities, thanks to which we will give it a natural glow
    • reduce excessive tension in the neck, chest and facial muscles
    • stimulate the production of skin components – collagen and elastin
    Here are the health effects of KOBIDO massage in a nutshell:

    – regulates the energy balance of the whole body

    – lowers stress levels

    – provides complete relaxation

    – reduces the effects of bruxism

    – relieves headaches

  • What does a KOBIDO session look like?

    KOBIDO consists of about 86 precise movements divided into phases in the area of the face and neck, as well as the nape and upper back.

    KOBIDO massage usually lasts 90 minutes. The technique is a harmonious mix of kneading, pinching, touching, rolling, rhythmic and regular hand strokes. You will feel the benefits of the massage immediately: relaxed face, radiant skin, smoothed features and a feeling of complete relaxation!

    For optimal results, it is recommended to perform the KOBIDO treatment in the initial session 2x a week, then once a week and maintenance once a month.

    KOBIDO is truly extraordinary – whoever tried this practice once will love it forever!

    Important: To get the full range of its effects, receive the KOBIDO massage from a qualified therapist.

  • Of course, there are contraindications to KOBIDO massage, and they are:

    • acute inflammation of the body (fever)
    • skin inflammations (allergic and infectious)
    • breaking the continuity of the epidermis
    • strongly couperose skin
    • high blood pressure
    • recent tooth extraction, periodontal purulent conditions
    • rosacea in the exacerbation phase
    • directly after aesthetic medicine treatments

    ***KOBIDO massage can be used after aesthetic medicine treatments after a certain period of time:

    • Mesotherapy – 1 week
    • Botox and stimulators – 2 weeks
    • Hyaluronic acid – 1 month
    • Surgical lifting, threads, lip augmentation – 6 months


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