The steam room uses the therapeutic effect of heat, just like a classic dry sauna, but the temperature inside is lower than in a traditional sauna and fluctuates around 40-50 ° C, while the humidity reaches 100%.

The influence of humid heat on our body brings us many invaluable benefits:
    • Strengthens the cardiovascular system

    • Relaxes the muscles

    • Calms the nerves and increases resistance to stress

    • Supports nervous and hormonal functions

    • Improves metabolism

    • Frees the airways to help with asthma and severe allergies

    • Acts as a detox for the body

    • Soothes the soreness related to the musculoskeletal conditions

    • Improves the functioning of the immune system

  • The healing role of heat and moisture in the steam room is indisputable. In the hammam ritual, the stay in the steam room is one of the elements of the therapy as well as an important stage of preparation for cleansing.

    * Important: Due to the extreme heat in steam rooms, some of you should unfortunately avoid them:

    • pregnant women
    • everyone with heart conditions
    • those with too low or too high blood pressure
    • everyone with epilepsy
    • those taking antibiotics
    • persons after consuming sedatives or alcohol
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