Peloid is a type of peat with specific physicochemical properties, which, due to its bactericidal, nutritional and anti-inflammatory substances, has long been used in medicine. Peloid is primarily a huge wealth of valuable organic substances: humic and fulvone acids, carbohydrates, tannins, bitumens, proteins, resins, micro- and microelements.

The deposits from which the peloid comes from, began to form about 10,000. years BCE, after the glacier receded. Our Polish resources are famous for their purity and high quality, which is why they are referred to as the black gold of Poland.

  • How does peloid work?

    Warm peloid compresses dilate blood vessels. As a result, our blood circulation improves, and muscles and joints relax. In this way, the treatment has an analgesic and relaxing effect. Heated therapeutic peloid relaxes aching muscles, and at the same time provides the body with many valuable ingredients, such as organic acids and mineral salts.

Peloid firms the body, thanks to which it gets rid of cellulite, smoothes wrinkles, regenerates hair. Effects?
    • An increase in immunity

    • Metabolism acceleration

    • Organism cleansing

    • Pain reduction

    • Relief of skin inflammation

    • Relief of muscle tension

  • What does the procedure look like?

    We start the peloid ritual in a steam bath to make the body soft and free from toxins. Then a gentle scrub with amber dust to cleanse your skin and open pores. The masseur will perform a relaxing massage that will reduce your physical and mental stress. Before the treatment, therapeutic peloid is heated to about 42-46 degrees Celsius. After applying it to the body, we wrap you with foil, which allows you to maintain a high temperature for longer, so that the miraculous mud has an intense therapeutic effect on your muscles and joints. After about 20 minutes, remove the compress and cleanse the skin. After the treatment, we will invite you to the Relaxation Room for a glass of delicious tea.

Who is the peloid ritual for?

Treatments with peloid are a fantastic therapy for people suffering from back pain, joint diseases and rheumatic diseases. It has a positive effect on ankylosing spondylitis, in cervical, shoulder and lumbar pain syndromes, in swelling after bruises, fractures and sprains.

Peloid is also effective in other ailments such as skin problems, poor circulation or reduced immunity.

On top of that, peloid also helps in diseases of the nervous system (sciatica, paralysis and paresis, damage to peripheral nerves) and cardiovascular diseases (e.g. with atherosclerotic vasoconstriction).

  • In our salon, we only use Polish peloid from the Pomeranian region. If you need to rest your muscles and joints, and at the same time increase your immunity, make an appointment now here:

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  • Important! When is peloid treatment not allowed?

    Here are the main contraindications:

    • acute inflammation
    • injuries of bones and joints (initial period)
    • pregnancy, vaginal bleeding
    • varicose veins, ulcers
    • circulatory failure, coronary artery disease
    • conditions after myocardial infarction and heart defects
    • unstable blood pressure
    • respiratory failure
    • overactive thyroid gland
    • cancer

    Important: peloid is not recommended for children!

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