Succinite or Baltic amber has existed for over 45 million years and is considered to be the so-called. an organic substance, the “fossil resin” produced by pine trees.

It is the only known plant-derived gemstone. Its mysterious, not yet fully recognized extraordinary properties have always aroused curiosity and fascinated people. Almost from the beginning of its discovery, amber has been used as an antibiotic or a substance for dressing wounds. No wonder. Natural Baltic amber has unique properties unlike other ambers in the world.

  • The famous Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the father of medicine, in his works described the healing properties and methods of applying Baltic amber, which scientists used until the Middle Ages. In ancient Rome, amber was used as medicine and protection against various diseases. The famous physician of those times Calistratus wrote that amber protects against madness, and amber powder mixed with honey cures diseases of the throat, ears and eyes, and taken with water cures stomach diseases. Pliny the Younger noted that Roman peasant women wore amber medallions not only as ornaments, but also as a remedy for “swollen glands, sore throats and palate”. Ibn Sina (Avicenna), a Persian scientist, called natural amber a cure for many diseases. Ancient medics recommended consuming it with wine as an antidote for jaundice or gallbladder diseases. In Eastern countries, it was believed that amber smoke strengthens the human spirit and gives courage. In Asian countries, “amber syrup”, a mixture of succinic acid and opium, was used as a sedative and antispasmodic.

  • What exactly makes amber a mineral so unusual? It’s actually simple. Baltic amber contains 3-8% of the so-called succinic acid, a scientifically tested medical substance used in modern medicine. It’s a powerful antioxidant that helps fight toxic free radicals and reduce heart rhythm disturbances. Succinic acid has been shown to stimulate the regeneration of the nervous system and strengthen the immune system and help compensate for energy loss in the body and brain. Thus, it improves our concentration and reduces the feeling of stress. The highest acid content is found in amber bark – the outer layer of the stone.

There are many documents about the power of succinic acid. Albert the Great (born in 1193), later a Dominican monk, called natural Baltic amber “Succinium” (hence succinite) and considered it the most effective medicine at that time. People of that time also made amber tinctures from beer, wine and water and claimed that they were effective against everything from stomach pains to rheumatism.

In the Middle Ages, Baltic amber beads were even used to treat jaundice. It was believed that the magical power of this yellow stone could absorb the unhealthy yellowness of the skin and the weakness of the body. The terms Oleum succini (amber oil), Balsamum succini (amber balsam), Extractum succini (amber extract) were often used in the recipes and records of the alchemists of the time. And Nicolaus Copernicus reported that his prescriptions for medicines contained 22 specific ingredients, and one of them was Baltic amber. Mothers hung lumps of unprocessed amber around their children’s necks to protect them from diseases. Plague and epilepsy were treated with amber. Smoke from burnt amber was used to incense the sick and houses affected by the plague, as well as preventively places where the poisoned air had not yet reached. Matthäus Praetorius wrote in 1680 “During the plague, none of the amber makers in Gdańsk, Klaipeda, Königsberg or Libawa were found to have died.”

  • Scientific research confirms that succinic acid has a very positive effect on the human body. In the 19th century, this was confirmed by the pioneer of modern bacteriology and Nobel Prize winner, Robert Kock. Nowadays, dozens of effective drugs containing succinic acid have been produced and patented. Particularly valuable are pharmaceuticals that prevent the aging of human cells, which use succinic acid as an inhibitor (slowing down or completely inhibiting the loss) of potassium ions and as an antioxidant. Therefore, acid can be called a scientifically described, modern elixir of youth. Succinic acid is also a valuable product for athletes, it acts as a simulator of sustainable, comprehensive development. Dr. Veniamin Khazanov from the Institute of Pharmacology of the RAS of the Tomsk Scientific Center wrote: “For the elderly, succinic acid turned out to be indispensable. It is able to restore energy balance at the cellular level and helps the patient regain their youthful energy.” In addition, research at the University of Hamburg in Germany confirms the safe and positive effect of succinic acid on cellular metabolism.

  • Current research also shows that the micronization (grinding) of amber improves its ability to be absorbed by the modern human body weakened by stress. Currently, unfavorable environmental conditions block the natural flow of energy-related processes in cells. These blockades affect cell metabolism and significantly weaken the immune system, but the natural energy of amber is able to stimulate its renewal. This is confirmed by research conducted by a doctor from Kaliningrad, Nikolai Moskovek (2002), who obtained fully effective therapeutic results by rubbing a very fine powder of pure energizing amber into the affected areas (head, spine, thyroid gland, chest, limbs).

  • Applying amber for health:

    Amber oil is used for the massage. In this case, its significant bactericidal and electrostatic properties are the most advantageous.

    For internal use: powder and tincture, as well as succinic acid and succinates; suppositories with oil and honey; inhalation (smoke from burnt amber);

    For external use: ointments, amber oil, compresses and massages with the use of amber powder, massage with a polished nugget, acupuncture with needles with amber tips, baths in amber stones at room temperature and temperature increased to 37-38 degrees Celsius, walking barefoot after a layer of fine amber, wearing amber jewellery, amulets, necklaces and bracelets.

    We live surrounded by all kinds of electrical devices: radios, televisions, microwave ovens, hair dryers, shavers, computers and mobile phones negatively affect our body. Modern research shows that we can protect ourselves from their influence by making friends with Baltic amber, wearing amber necklaces, amber bracelets, amber earrings, rings, amber pendants, or carrying a raw amber figurine or nugget in our pocket. Warming up amber changes ionization, positively affecting our well-being and rebuilding the disturbed electrostatic field. We will be happy and full of energy again – thus attracting happiness.

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