At AMBER HAMMAM you can take advantage of therapeutic massages, such as: deep tissue massage, anti-stress massage of the back, head and neck or therapeutic massage of the whole body. Each of them is distinguished by individual features, but what they have in common is that they reduce tension pain, improve the functioning of your body, and at the same time improve your overall well-being by soothing the senses.

Did you know that years ago massage was considered a luxury that only a few could afford? Currently, more and more people perceive individual massage methods as extremely effective methods of treating muscle, joint or head pain. In addition, the touch of sensitive and specialized hands wraps sore muscles and supports the body in regeneration.

The number of centers that offer massage continues to grow. However, not in every place you will experience such deep renewal as in AMBER HAMMAM, because as we combine therapy with a holistic approach to the well-being of our guests, which is characteristic of SPAs. We deal not only with pain therapy, but we approach our work with sensitivity and empathy, in which sensory feelings play a key role. In addition, we offer a combination of physiotherapy with heat therapy, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of the treatments.


In our salon, you can also try


This therapy gives amazing healing, analgesic and relaxing effects in the treatment of joint, muscle and skin diseases



    We recommend this massage to people who struggle with general tension or are unable to identify the sources of pain. After an individual interview, the therapist will adjust the techniques and scope of the massage to your ailments and feelings. If necessary, they will suggest additional solutions, such as dynamic taping (recommended!) or home exercises.

    In therapeutic massage, we focus on combating muscle pain and ailments caused by stress. The masseur works on trigger points, which magically relieves tension and pain. The masseur works on trigger points, which magically relieves tension and pain. Therapeutic therapeutic massage is one of the forms of rehabilitation, it supports and faster recovery.

    Although massage relief is often immediate, remember that therapeutic massage requires at least 3-10 sessions to be fully effective.
    Price: 250 PLN
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    A brilliant massage that relaxes the tense muscles around the neck, the strongest recipient of stress. It gives you immediate pain relief and a great sense of relaxation.

    This therapeutic massage is also a great way to fight back pain and spine ailments, and even migraines. It allows you to relax and recover faster. The masseur works on trigger points, instantly relieving tension and pain.

    This massage is a fantastic “office” therapy for people who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer.
    Although massage relief is often immediate, remember that therapeutic massage requires at least 3-10 sessions to be fully effective.
    Price: 200 PLN
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    This massage is a combination of deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. It is a slow and deep massage that relaxes tense muscles. The massage takes place on a hot stone table which, by giving back heat, supports the relaxing effect of the treatment.  This massage is a form of heat therapy and gives excellent results to relieve tension and relieve stress.

    We invite you individually and in pairs (!). And after the treatment, delicious Turkish tea awaits you. It’s a veeery nice therapy 🙂

    * The cosmetics we use are safe for allergy sufferers and people with skin problems
    Combine this massage with amber therapy in a pro-health hammam ritual. In one treatment you will get an incredible boost of strength and energy, peace and vitality, health and beauty. It is a unique offer of the World Capital of Amber.
    Price: 330 PLN
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    Deep tissue massage has a soothing effect on the condition of the muscles – it reduces their tension and excellent relaxation, and also increases the smoothness of movements. Massage is designed to reduce pain – especially in the area of the spine. Therefore, the indications for deep massage are pain in the muscles as well as sciatica and shoulder pain.

    Price: 270 PLN

    LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – Regeneration!

    The purpose of lymphatic drainage is to restore physiological tissue drainage and create optimal conditions for the regeneration of the damaged lymph system. This treatment supports the immune system as the lymph nodes perform immune functions in the body. We also use it to eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs, reduce cellulite or cleanse the body of toxins.

    Price: 230 PLN
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  • MEDICAL CUPPING – A Grand Return!

    In the era of a shift towards natural methods of combating health ailments, cupping is gaining more and more fans. Cupping therapy is an ancient practice of traditional and complementary medicine. More and more evidence is emerging recently of its potential benefits in treating pain-related illnesses, but cupping is expected to help with other chronic health problems, such as high blood pressure. The cupping is also believed to cleanse the pores and release accumulated toxins.

    The use of bubbles in our office is mainly for pain conditions:

    • Muscle aches and pains
    • Back, neck, knee and shoulder pain
    • Headaches and migraines



    Suction through the cupping draws the body fluids into the treated area. The suction force dilates and opens the tiny blood vessels (capillaries) under the skin. Your body treats the cupping area like an injury and sends more blood there to stimulate the natural healing process. The immune system is stimulated and the entire body benefits from its activity.

    Price: 340 PLN
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    Massage performed with a Chinese cupping cup not only improves our appearance by firming the skin and eliminating cellulite. Chinese cupping massage has a significant healing effect. Suction, or vacuum therapy, helps in the treatment of diseases such as back and spine pain and in states of muscle tension. It is a very effective therapy, but it requires a series of at least 5 treatments.

    Price: 180 PLN
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  • FACIAL MASSAGE – Rejuvenation!

    This is the perfect way to relax the facial muscles and improve the condition of the skin. This massage also has an anti-aging effect, which has a positive effect on the reduction of wrinkles and improvement of skin tone. Through its relaxing effect, it reduces everyday stress. And it’s super nice…

    Combine massage with amber therapy in a pro-health hammam ritual. In one treatment you will get an incredible boost of strength and energy, peace and vitality, health and beauty. It is a unique offer of the World Capital of Amber.
    Price: 150 PLN
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    Kinesiotaping is an extremely effective therapeutic method of “dynamic taping”. It consists in sticking the body in particularly painful areas with a special, flexible material.

    Benefits of Kinesiotaping

    The action of kinesiological tapes is gaining more and more supporters. No wonder, kinesiology tapes are a completely safe, risk-free way to fight pain. The indications for their use are, among others post-traumatic, tension, rheumatic and postoperative pain:

    • knee pain, pain in the shoulder, calves, wrist, pain in the spine area

    The tapes have an analgesic and relaxing effect, removing blockages, increasing its mobility, and relieving spinal pain in the limbs.

    • They are also used in the treatment of back pain in pregnant women and in the course of discopathy or sciatica, and in alleviating the symptoms associated with heel spurs, tennis elbow, and even menstrual pains.

    The tapes are well tolerated, do not cause irritation or allergic reactions, and the patient hardly feels them on the body. The tapes are very air permeable. They can be used simultaneously with other forms of treatment, do not interact with drugs, and the healing effect is felt long after taking them off.

    * What’s interesting: the creator of kinesiotaping recommends dynamic taping as a method of preventing wrinkles and stretch marks, especially in pregnant women.
    Price: 60 PLN / part
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Did you know…

Research shows that therapeutic massage therapy helps people with migraine, insomnia, or other tension related issues. It is also beneficial for postoperative patients – it can help heal wounds by increasing blood flow.

Massage is now considered part of complementary and integrative medicine. Increasingly, it is offered along with the standard of care for a wide variety of conditions and situations.

The American Hospital Association recently surveyed 1,007 hospitals about the use of complementary and alternative medical therapies, and over 80% of them said they offer massage. More than 70% of the hospitals surveyed also stated that they used massage to treat and relieve pain.


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